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Make A First Aid Kit - What Should Be Included

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Make A First Aid Kit and What Should Be Included

Being prepared entails having the necessary materials on hand in the event of an emergency or tragedy. Keep your supplies in a portable emergency preparedness kit that you may use at home or bring with you if you need to leave.

A well-stocked first aid pack is a must-have. To be ready for an emergency:

  • Keep a first-aid kit at your home and in your vehicle.

  • Carry a first-aid kit or know where you may get one.

  • Find out where the first aid kits are at your workplace.

First-aid kits come in a variety of designs and sizes. They might be available at your local pharmacy. You can also design your own. Some kits are tailored to hobbies such as hiking, camping, and boating.

All first aid kits for a household should have the following items:



Crepe roller bandages

For securing dressings or providing compression to stop bleeding or to limit swelling due to sprain

Digital thermometer

For measuring body temperature

Disposable gloves

For prevention of cross-infection and contamination

Hypoallergenic tape

For securing dressing

Pen torch

For eye examination

Resuscitation face shield

For ventilation during CPR

Safety pins

Used together with triangular bandage

Shear scissors

For cutting bandages, dressings, or gauze pads

Sterile eye pad

To act as a dressing for eye injuries

Sterile eye shield

To protect the eye

Sterile gauze pads

For cleaning/dressing / stopping bleeding and covering wounds

Sterile plasters

For covering superficial wounds

Triangular bandages

For making into a sling or acting as a pressure pad


For cleaning and use with gauze pads

Don't forget to check the expiry dates of the pills and goods in the first aid kit and replace them if they have passed. Learn how to use the items in the first aid kit and keep it in a convenient location.

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