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Kinohimitsu UV Bright Pro 15's

Pack Size: 25 g x 15 sachets

Step into the spotlight with Kinohimitsu UV-Bright Pro – your best friend for all your sunny escapades! Created especially for the vibrant souls who light up any room they enter, this drink is here to supercharge your natural beauty.

✓ UV Protection
✓ Skin Whitening

✓ Convenient and hassle-free preparation
✓ Travel-friendly
✓ Light weight; handbag-sized
✓ Worry-less calories for health watchers
o Calories only 10kcal
o Low in Sugar (0.6g per serving)
o Zero Fat (0.0g per serving)

Recommended for those
▪ Uneven skin tone
▪ Outdoor enthusiasts
▪ Constant UV exposure
▪ Urban dwellers
▪ Frequent travellers
▪ Event-ready individuals

Consume straight from the sachet, preferably in the morning or before going outdoor.
Shake well before drinking.
Take 1 -2 sachets a day.
For long hours of outdoor activities, you may take 2 sachets at once.